Artist Statement

by sangjunRoh

I do not know from when our life patterns started to encompass
the idea that we needed to throw away the old and pursue the
new. Perhaps these thoughts or this way of approaching life
can meaningfully change the existing social system. However,
while pursuing the faster and the newer instead of valuing the
blessings given to each individual, and while valuing those
things commonly approached, those significant minor things
that we had felt was important, we seem to be forgetting.

For someone like me who moves to an innately slower rhythm,
it might be beyond my capacity to fit into this modern world
that moves in fits and starts and reverses gears.

From inside the continuing alienation and isolation from this
modern world, I endlessly look around. The illustration’s landscape
and human living patterns… These thoughts educate
and coerce me – what kind of strength leads people to act the
same way, to continuously pursue the same something while
being constantly compared, to continuously grasp at these
common dreams, as competition increases amongst each other?
These thoughts, on the one hand, shows the pervasive influence
of their own territory, and on the other hand, lets one
know that one is still alive. As a result, many by-products are
being created through this process - a thought, a custom, an
illustration or to me, a work of art. This process can become an
accepted formula and as we gets more familiar with it, it can
also become something increasingly dreaded.

Using ingredients from our daily life, I am working to re-create
the conditions, systems, environment, and circumstances of
this existence, with a bird’s eye view. I am interested in exploring
this isolation and segregation that comes to an individual
living the communal life, by use of the metaphor. Thereby,
I hope to bring renewed appreciation.

Seoul 2010